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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Monotype Or Monoprint?
A monotype or monoprint is a piece of original art. The art of monotype has enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent years. In brief, a monotype is a single print created by transferring to paper an image that has been painted on a plate made of metal, glass or other material. It is then transferred to traditional artist grade papers by hand rubbing or by passing through an etching or lithography press. Occasionally a second run through the press produces a "ghost" image, a lighter version of the original. Rembrandt, Gauguin and Degas made monoprints.

Mary Dodd uses monoprints as a starting point for collage and mixed media images. Works may be embossed or debossed using both found materials and specially prepared metal and cardboard plates. The images may be reworked using a variety of media. Collage elements may be added, producing unique images not possible by working directly on the paper.

What Is Watermedia?
Transparent watercolor, aquarelle, acrylic and gouche are the most familiar examples of watermedia, a category of painting which includes the use of any water-soluble paint to produce fine art. Most of the paintings are done on high quality neutral Ph rag or part rag papers although acrylic, which dries to a waterproof surface and will allow heavy impasto application , may be painted on canvas or wood panels.

What Are Limited Edition Prints?
Limited edition prints are images reproduced in a limited, specific quantity from an original painting.. The prints are then numbered in sequence, often the title of the painting is hand written on the the print and it is signed by the artist. The number 100/200 designates the one hundredth print in an edition of two hundred. The lower the number of the print, the size of the edition and the artists signature all contribute to the prints desirability.

Instructions for house portraits
• Include four photos (at a minimum) of each elevation of your house.
• The more photos the better.
• The photographs will be returned with your house portrait.
• We can paint your house, your vacation home or a friend's house for a unique gift.
• Doddart is not responsible for loss of these photographs by shipper.
• You can also have greeting cards printed of these house portraits for Christmas or just blank for any occasion.

Do you have any full sheet watercolors?
We have full sheet, 22 x 30 inches, watercolors. We also have painted oversized paintings and several murals. Contact us for special commissions

Do you have any landscapes?  Do you have water scenes, mountain scenes, lake scenes?
Check out these pages: The Pond, The River in Autumn, South Georgia Farm, Appalachian Spring, Autumn Landscape, Set of 6 framed Miniatures, Snowed In, The Fourth of July Regatta on Lake Rabun, Country Scenes in Watercolor, for some examples of our landscapes. We always have landscapes at Doddart.

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